Hello Robot

I’m such a frustrated artist. Whilst I consider myself most able to produce decent results with other arts, my drawing has always shown me up terribly. I can produce a good stick man when asked, and trees are just about on the cards, but anything more and my work looks like that of a small child.

However, the weird thing is, I CAN draw robots (unless you beg to differ after reading on and seeing my attempts). My latest effort is this guy:
Pencil drawing of a little robot
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Zombie Origami

Zombie Origami via emmaline.co.uk
Found this fabulous zombie origami book in a little shop called Scribbler at Hammersmith tube station today.

The paper folding action includes making several zombies, a grave with zombie arms, and various other horror bits and bobs.

£7.99, bargain!

Quentin Blake Cockatoos Wallpaper

question Blake birds
A couple I years ago I saw an edition of a TV DIY show that used the most amazing wallpaper. I did everything I could to find out what it was called, and how I could buy it – I even emailed the show, but didn’t receive a reply.

Then, out of the blue, I received an email with the details in. Honestly, it was at least eighteen months before the production company got around to sending this!
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Lego Ed Sheeran Video

I love this Lego YouTube video published yesterday by The Warner Sound. It’s a side-by-side play through of the Lego House music video from Ed Sheeran, with the left-hand version having been diligently Lego’d by Dylan Woodley;