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I love all things pixels, crafty, and crochet (except candy pink poodle toilet roll covers – which are never acceptable). So, I enjoy looking up how gamers are working up my favourite retro video game characters every now and again and here are my latest findings, which include an 8-bit Super Mario crochet bedspread, a Pac-Man quilt, a fabulous Doctor Who crochet tardis, a Space Invaders crochet blanket, and a Super Mario invincibility star crochet baby blanket:

8-bit Super Mario Bedspread by Russ McAllister:

Super Mario 8-bit crochet blanket
This blanket makes for a brilliant gift for any gamer, and is simple to make as it uses granny squares. Since this is an 8-bit pixel pattern, you could use any grid, Hama, Perler or sprite pattern to make anything you like! The pattern is available on Ravelry or Instructables and requires knowledge of ch, sl st, and double crochet (US terms).

Pac-Man Quilt by S0choice

Pac-Man quilt retro video game sewing project
This classic arcade game quilt was, unbelievably, the first retro gaming quilt project of S0choice (crafter from Roseville, California). I think it looks great, and she’s a girl after my own heart for winging this one without a pattern. You can find about more about this quilt over on Craftser

Crochet Doctor Who Tardis Blanket by Kirsti Rawstron

Doctor Who tardis crocheted blanket
This super-geeky Doctor Who blanket was made as a gift for one of Kirsti’s friends (lucky friend!), and measures over 2 metres tall.

To add to the awesomeness of this blanket, the windows and light glow in the dark, and the sign was custom-made at an embroideries. See more pics and out more on Rainy Monday Tumblr

Space Invaders Crochet Blanket from Geekery by Emily

Space Invaders game retro crocheted blanket
Made from granny squares, this blanket has been worked up using the same block pattern as the Super Mario one. What makes this blanket slightly more appealing to me? It was made in the UK 🙂 You can catch up with Geekery by Emily on Etsy.

Super Mario star crocheted baby blanket by A Gamers Wife

Super Mario invincibility star baby blanket
This was made from an adapted Starry, Starry Night blanket pattern by Melissa at Inner Child Crochet and is great to give as a gift even when the parents aren’t avid gamers. It took a month to complete and you can read more over at A Gamers Wife Blog.

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