Labyrinth Crochet Patterns

Labyrinth is one of my favourite films, and you will often hear my sister and I quoting random lines, or acting out a scene in the middle of a shop for no reason. I’ve been meaning to curate some crochet Labyrinth critters for a while now, so this is a sort of ‘make queue’ for me, and a bit of nostalgic reading for you.

The Worm by FoxyBlue
worm from labyrinth crochet
“Come inside and meet the Mrs!” – fancy crocheting up this little cutie? You’re in luck as FoxyBlue from Craftster has posted a free crochet pattern on the Craftster forums, complete with step-by-step photos.

Amigurumi Jareth, the Goblin King by Philae Artes
Labyrinth jareth amigurumi pattern

You’ve got to love David Bowie in his role of Jareth: that wig; those tights! Make your own deluded and controlling goblin king with this crochet pattern from Brazilian amigurumi pattern creator, Vivianne right this way. No, not that way, never go that way…

Another version of The Worm by GiftsforGenevieve
The Worm, from the movie Labyrinth.

If you need to get your hands on the Labyrinth worm pretty sharpish, this ready-made crochet version from GiftsforGenevieve is just the ticket.

Fiery crocheted doll by ohiodiygirl
Crochet fiery from the Labyrinth movie

“You only allowed to take off your own head!”. These used to scare me silly until I was over thirty… And now I can make my own and have it come alive in the night and ‘get’ me thanks to ohiodiygirl’s crochet amigurumi pattern on Craftster.

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  1. Ello,
    By any chance are you selling this? I do not crochet but this is mine and my daughters favorite saying. I would love to add this to her Sweet 16 gift basket.
    Thank you, Sarah

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