PlayStation 4 announced

I’m such an old lady, I fell asleep for the official announcement (11pm gmt), but I woke up especially early this morning to get the low-down on what I missed!

The PlayStation 4 looks pretty good, as expected, there is a heavy focus on social sharing and streaming content – Sony have even built a share button into the redesigned controller:

Sony PlayStation 4
(This image by me, reworked from Sony content)

We’ll be able to share video from the console to social networks with ease, and also use additional devices such as smartphones, tablets and the PlayStation Vita – which is bang on trend and what feels like a long time coming.

No images of the actual console design have been released so far, but I don’t see it will have a radical makeover judging by the new controllers – they have stayed much the same from their first outing with PlayStation 1 in 1994, with just a few tweaks to suit the generation:

Sony PlayStation original controller
I’m very excited at the thought if the new offering being in stores for Christmas (let’s hope this goes for the UK as well as the US), I’ll be one of the first in line.

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